Plastic Recycling in Manchester with SD Waste

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SD Waste Paper Recycling Centre offers you a variety of plastic waste collection services. We specialise in recycling a wide range of plastics and offer customers a fast, prompt, reliable service which will cover all of your requirements.
24% of the 334 million tonnes of waste created by the UK each year is business waste and one of the toughest to recycle is plastic.
Three million tonnes of this waste is plastic which the UK produces and most of this is heading for landfill. We can help you to reduce this problem by recycling all of your waste plastic. We are very mindful of our environmental responsibilities and will ensure your plastic waste is recycled efficiently and correctly.
For larger volumes of plastic, a baling machine can be supplied and installed if required, and regular collections can be arranged. With a large range of vehicles, ranging from LGVs to HGVs, we can cater for all sizes of collection. We can help you understand your wast needs better. Please call SD Waste Paper Recycling Centre.