Plastic Recycling

Based near the M60 in Manchester, we offer cost-effective and trusted plastic recycling services across the north of England and Wales. Whether it’s plastic packaging recycling or plastic bottle recycling that you require, big or small collections, we work hard to provide a fast and reliable service.

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Our Mission

At SD Waste, we take our environmental obligations very seriously, and this is no different when it comes to plastic recycling. It’s a fact that 24% of the 334 million tonnes of UK waste created each year is commercial waste, and 3 million tonnes of it is plastic, one of the toughest materials to recycle. It’s our mission to stop as much of this as possible ending up in landfill, helping you maintain your environmental credentials and by recycling all of your waste plastic, efficiently and correctly.


Why Choose Us

Our family company provides a trusted and flexible service, with the ability to process a wide range of plastics. Not sure if your waste is recyclable? Just send us a sample for testing and we will confirm whether and how it can be recycled.

Working in conjunction with our specialist plastic recycling partner, we are able to offer a fully accredited, ISO 9001 compliant service. Peace of mind for you and good news for the environment.

No volume is too large, and we can even supply and install a baling machine on your premises. We also offer regular collections to suit your needs.

Extensive Fleet

With a large range of vehicles in the SD waste fleet, ranging from LGVs to HGVs, we can cater to all sizes of collections.

Frequently Asked Questions
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    How do you collect plastic?

    We prefer to collect baled plastic as this will reduce your costs. To help facilitate this we can offer low rental bailers to fit your space & operational requirements.

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    Do you offer rebates on plastic recycling?

    As with any commodity market prices change depending on demand so call us for an up to date estimate.

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    How do you recycle plastic?

    We do not process your plastic in house as this is outside of our specialism therefore we use a fully accredited & ISO 9001 compliant plastic recycling specialist. They take your plastic into their state-of-the-art facility where they:

    • Sort
    • Wash & dry
    • Shred & Granulate
  • Regular Collections Regular Collections
  • ISO Accredited ISO Accredited
  • Granulator Granulator

Confidential Document Destruction

We have been dealing with confidential waste for over 30 years for many customer all of whom have learnt that they can trust us to collect, destroy & recycle their business critical document securely and cost effectively.