SD Waste Paper provides a quality bin wagon service, ideal for schools, offices, printers, solicitors and warehouses etc. All the bins provided are hard-wearing and robust and you can specify the size of wheelie bins.

Once your bin or bins have been filled, our prompt and professional driver will collect and tip your waste, saving you the inconvenience.


Perfect for use in small shops, hotels and light industrial applications, with additional chambers available. This service is ideal for volume reduction of cardboards and plastic, featuring a 700 x 500mm top loaded feed aperture for easy loading. These presses can be sited outside and also feature 13 amp single phase electrics, 3.5 Tonne press force and fitted retaining claws to prevent material spring back.


Compactor units are a fast and efficient way of disposing of your waste when a high volume of paper/cardboard is being used. Many of our existing customers already benefit from the installation of a compactor unit, supplied and fitted by our team of waste professionals and regularly maintained by our fleet of mobile engineers. We supply a large skip container which fits onto the compactor unit, with an indicator light that indicates when the compactor unit is 3/4 full. Please contact us at this point so an exchange can be made.


Air extraction systems are a great way of removing waste paper from your machine with speed and efficiency, helping to keep your work areas clean and tidy at all times, with no bins or stillages being filled. You can maintain your workflow without a second thought for the waste as it is sucked up through the air system and into your compactor unit.


For companies with larger volumes of paper or cardboard waste, we can supply open-top skips. These skips can be loaded from the top by using a bottom empty skip, which can also be provided by ourselves, The bottom empty skips are raised into the air using a for lift truck over the open-top skip, then the floor is released and the paper drops into the skip. If preferred, you can also open the back doors of the skip and load your waste there.


Our closed-top skips are an ideal way for your waste to be kept locked and secure. These skips feature lockable doors, meaning confidential waste can also be stored with peace of mind as only the key holder can gain entry to the skip. The prevention of fire is another good reason for using one of our closed-top skips.


The Combi Skip is designed for the disposal and movement of waste in confined areas, featuring a unique four-way entry base. This skip is manually operated.


The Bottom Empty Skip allows the simple, yet effective, disposal of light to medium weight waste. Your waste can be automatically emptied into high sided yard skips via the base release mechanism, without the driver leaving the safety of his seat. This range comes painted in a bright orange for safety.


We supply a large range of different sized wheelie bins, ranging from the smaller, two-wheeled bins up to the larger four-wheeled bins. On request, we can also supply bins featuring lockable lids; ideal for your more confidential waste. The larger bins also have a brake system, which prevents the bin from moving. Once your bin/bins are full, our bin wagon service will collect your waste, ensuring your bins remain empty as much as possible.


The Bottom Empty Skip allows the simple, yet effective, disposal of light to medium weight waste, when automatically emptied into high-sided yard skips via the base release mechanism. An added safety feature means the driver can carry this process out without leaving the safety of his seat. This range comes painted bright orange for safety.


OR SD Waste hessian sacks will not tear or rip due to the fact that they are very strong. They are approximately the size of a black bin bag and  we can also provide green sacks with plastic ties, for your non-confidential waste.