Waste Paper Recycling Specialist Since 1988

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Partner with SD waste and we can help you meet your environmental targets. With our commitment to Carbon Neutral, we can help you segregate waste wherever it is technically, economically, and environmentally feasible, meaning you can avoid pushing it to the landfill as much as possible.
All waste  paper is baled and recycled – we aim to recycle 99% of the paper we receive.
In addition our general waste contractor processes, our general waste gpes through a MRF where 98% of our general waste is recycled or used for waste to energy (SRF). This ensures your waste is processed efficiently and responsibly.
To further boost your company’s environmental credentials, we provide you with recycling reports which detail how your waste is disposed of. If you would like further information, or if we can help you with an on-site review of your waste, then please contact us on 0161 740 7466 or Get A Quote.